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alloy hiperco50 wires

alloy hiperco50 wires

Cold Drawn Wire Soft Magnetic Alloys HiperCo50 Iron

HiperCo50 is an iron-cobalt alloy used in magnetic components requiring high permeability at and above 15 kG (1.5 T) or high magnetic saturation.In fact Hiperco50 has the highest magnetic saturation of all soft-magnetic alloys and excels in application where this attribute is needed.Hiperco 50 maintains its strength after heat treating making it your best choice for application that experience high forces (e.g.HiperCo 50 (UNSR30005) (1J22),(UNS R30005 of China Suppliers is a professional alloy manufacturer,the product such as precisionexpansion alloy,high-resistance electrothermic alloy,high temperature alloyRelated searches for alloy hiperco 50 wireshiperco 50 alloycarpenter hiperco alloy 50hiperco 50 pricehiperco 50 machinabilityhiperco 50 suppliershiperco 50 matwebhiperco 50 how to machinecarpenter hiperco 5012345Next

Source Iron-cobalt-vanadium soft magnetic alloy Permendur

Hiperco50a(permendur) alloy is a iron-cobalt-vanadium soft magnetic alloy which exhibits high magnetic saturation,High D.C.M aximum permeability,low D.C.C oercive force,and low A.C.C ore loss.Application of Permendur 2V

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